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The tool you are looking for

- Full management of the assistance process
- History of plants and customers
- Schedule of planned maintenance

Assistance e Assistance Mobile

Assistance and Assistance Mobile, a suite of applications designed for specialized technical support companies. The suite, born from a longstanding partnership with a heating systems technical support market leader, implements a winning model of support activity management. From the client request to the technical activity, all steps are tracked in real-time by mean of a powrful yet flexible information management engine. Assistance Mobile, who integrates a reliable and sophisticated system for synchronizing data with the central database, assure immediate availability of all the information needed to complete the support activity. Feedback to the central database, by mean of the synchronization system, closes the technical support (or maintenance) activity cycle. A clean and intuitive user interface makes Assistance and Assistance Mobile usage really easy and straightforward: all this in an indispensalbe and inexpensive tool.

User interface

Simple, complete e intuitive

Key features

  • Clients, products and plants database
  • Flexible and wide plant structure definition
  • Client/Plant link definition
  • Technicians database
  • Graphical technical activity planner
  • Mobile application
  • Gas Analyzers integration
  • Real time support activity log
  • Storage movements tracking
  • Complete and flexible plant data sheet
  • Maintenance and energetic efficiency log management
  • Automatic content management
  • Planned activity management by plant
  • VoIP PBX integration
  • SMS notifications
  • Flexible data warehousing and statistics engine

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